Lucid Dreams & Astral Projection Practices in Malta (3, 4 y 5 de Mayo) 1

Learning to Access your Quantum Reality –

A Weekend Retreat in Malta , (Gozo)


Our first retreat with simultaneous English

Date: 3,4,5 May 2019

Friday, 5 PM until Sunday, 7 PM


WhatsApp 00356 79498319


Includes the magic night of the dream vigil, where we dream together guided by Eneko Ruiz.

Price: 396€

The price includes meals.


Advantages of this Course

This is where the rubber meets the road:  In this weekend retreat you will apply all of the techniques and training that Eneko has provided in order to start the conscious practice of lucid dreaming.

Duration of the Course Workshop is 3 days + The Night of the Sleep Watchers.

Theoretical / Practical Class

Integration of teaching and the practice of rituals


Astral Travel and Lucid Dreaming – Opening the door to the unconscious by utilizing the ZARDEZAN Methodzardezan dorado dorado

Welcome to this simple and unique learning experience that will change your life!

This course is for both beginners as well as the experienced.




In this course you will learn in an easy, fast and fun way how to access the “Quantum Reality”, a term which refers to lucid dreaming and astral travel.

You will use the tools we provide you with to have lucid dreams, focusing on the out-of-body experience, utilizing methods which we know to be the most accessible for our students. These tools will improve your ability to maintain awareness of the nightly voyages your mind takes. Oh, the places you will go!




The Advantage of the ZARDEZAN Method


All of us possess the gift of being able to visit this alternative reality, limited only by our dreams, where a duality separates the conscious from the unconscious. Without exception, anyone can access this reality, with just a little effort.

Eneko Ruiz has developed sensory techniques which enable us to access levels of consciousness of which we were previously unaware. It requires surprisingly little effort, with a little training this magical phenomenon can be realized.

In addition, we will teach you how to expand your horizons as much as possible, to experience hyperreality (higher states of consciousness), and to perfect these daily voyages as much as possible.

Accessing this Reality is in no way dangerous…you are the god of your own universe…and we teach you to empower yourself and generate whatever sort of experiences that you want.



The Quantum Reality Experience

As we access this reality, we do it with our whole being. They are completely real experiences, having absolutely nothing to do with unconscious dreams. When you cut short the senses and return to your body you will feel that you have come directly from a reality equal to this one.




Travel through time:


-Experience in first person events from the history of the earth or the universe.

-Revisit the events of your past, reliving them in the first person or as a spectator, being able to alterate them from your “life story”.

-Move to specific futures that you would like to live in, wakefully acquiring the relevant information needed to reach them.

-Travel to your past lives.

Live in the time of the dinosaurs, break bread with the Incas or the Egyptians, accompany the path to Christ, or the Buddha, hunt with Neanderthals, ride horseback with native peoples, fly in the ships of our future, and all that can be imagined…


Travel through space:


Visit Tokyo, Australia, New York, the Eiffel Tower, the pyramids of Egypt, the Northern Lights, the center of the earth, the sun, Mars, Orion, the Pleiades or any other place in our universe, as well as being able to create your own worlds.


Meet with people:


-Encounter people or family members in their current disembodied state.

-Heal your personal relationships from day to day.

-Confer with people of great relevance to you: artists, writers, philosophers, scientists, celebrities, deities, other civilizations outside the earth, angels, Jesus Christ, Buddha, with your newly incarnated unconscious.


Healing and physical improvement:


-We can improve considerably and possibly even heal chronic ailments.

-Improve our physical, emotional and mental abilities.

-Lose weight or increase muscle mass.

-Expand our senses


Satisfy your desires:


Have you always wanted to drive a Ferrari?

Fantasies that you have not put into practice?

Have you been wanting to say something to someone?

Would you like to swim with the whales?

Fly with the eagles?

See a sunrise from the moon?


Together we will develop your intuition and creativity to the maximum:


Access the large information database of your inner creativity, where you can discover all of your possibilities in a concrete way, from which you can examine and choose your best options.

You will learn to control this vigil as if it were a dream, consciously deciding the scenarios and experiences to enjoy. From the expansion of your senses you will intuit the correct path to follow according to your own preferences.


Eliminate fears and self-limiting pre-programming

Demystify death.

Acquire greater capacity for decision-making and achieve your new directions.

Learn to detach yourself from things and from people.


Above all this course will fill your life with energy, an energy that accompanies you on a day-to-day basis. Value more of every moment, and open your eyes to passion and excellence.


      ENEKO RUIZ DE LOIZAGA                                                                                              GABRIELA PERTOVT




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